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Stephen I. Roth, PE
Roth Acoustical Associates
Tele: 412-831-8382 Fax: 412-831-8389



Fellow - Acoustical Society of America

Fellow - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Professional Engineer - Acoustical Engineering

Professional Engineer - Mechanical Engineering

Member of the National Society of Professional Engineers

Past President - Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Board Certified in Noise Control Engineering - Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Past Board Member of CAOHC (Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation)

Member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association

Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers

Work History

President/Principal Engineer - Roth Acoustical Associates - 1996-Present

Developed and conducted Alcoa's noise control program - 1971- 1996

Maintenance and Plant Engineer - Alcoa 1968-1971

Maintenance and Plant Engineer - Allied Chemical 1967- 1968

Organizational Responsibilities

Institute of Noise Control Engineering, President (1999), Member of the Board of Directors (1984-1987), Secretary (1988-1990), Member of Publications Advisory Board (1996-Present)

International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, United States Representative to International Working Party with representatives from France, Germany Hungary, Brazil, etc. to develop recommendation for "Upper Limit Noise Levels for the Workplace" (1993-1998)

American National Standard Institute, Principal Author and Chairman of the ANSI Working Group that developed ANSI S12.16-1992- "Specification of the Noise of New Machinery at The Operator's Position"

American National Standard Institute, Working Group Member of ANSI S12-19-1996 Standard - Measurement of Occupational Noise

American National Standard Institute, Working Group Member of ANSI S12-41 Standard - Model Community Noise Ordinance

International Standards Organization, A Coordinator of United States Voting on Industry Related ISO Standards (1989-1999)

American National Standard Institute, Representative to the S12 Committee on Noise (1979-1996), (1999-2001)

Acoustical Society of America, Member of the Noise Committee (1989-1992)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member of the Noise Control and Acoustics Committee (Since inception)

Aluminum Association, Elected Chairman of the Noise Control Committee (1979-1981)

American Industrial Hygiene Association, Member of the Noise Control Committee (1973-1975)

Industrial Fastener Institute, Member of the Technical Task Force of the Industrial Fastener Institute Noise Control Research Program (1982-1985)

Organization Resource Counselors, Member of the Committee on Press Noise Control (1974-1976)

Technical Papers, Publications, Speeches, Seminars

Conference of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Boston, 1973

Technical paper titled "Practical Examples of Noise Control Engineering"

Plant Engineering and Maintenance Conference, Cleveland, 1974

Technical paper titled "Selecting Equipment on the Basis of its Noise"

Aluminum Association's Spring Meeting- White Sulphur Springs, 1975

Technical paper titled "Noise Control in the Aluminum Industry"

Fire, Safety and Security Conference, London, England, 1976

Technical paper titled "Controls to Improve the Working Environment"

Aluminum Association's Workshop on Control of Sawing Noise in the Aluminum Industry- Chicago, 1976

Organizer and Moderator of the Technical Session

American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference, Los Angeles, 1978

Organizer of Noise Control Sessions

Aluminum Association Workshop on Foundry Noise - Cincinnati, 1979

Technical paper titled "Noise Control of Foundry Noise Sources"

38th Accident Prevention Seminar of the Western Pennsylvania Safety Council, Pittsburgh, 1979

Technical paper titled "Effect of Noise, OSHA Regulations, Compensation - The Noise Control Engineering Approach"

General Meeting of the Fastener Institute Noise Control Research Program, Cleveland, 1980

Technical paper titled "Noise Controls Applicable to the Fastener Industry"

Greater Pittsburgh Industrial Hygiene Council- Pittsburgh, 1983

Technical paper titled "Engineering Noise Control Solutions"

1984 International Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Honolulu

Technical paper titled "Noise Control for New Equipment - An Engineer's Dilemma"

Acoustical Society of America - Raleigh, NC, 1985

Technical paper titled "Organizing for an Effective Noise Control Program"

NOISE-CON 85- Ohio State University, 1985

Technical paper titled "Computer Program for Fan Noise Level Prediction"

University of Pittsburgh Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, and the School of Public Health, 1984 and 1987

Guest Lecturer

16th International Conference on Noise Control Engineering- Beijing, 1987

Technical paper titled "Noise Control in an Integrated Aluminum Company"

Upper Saint Clair Middle School Environmental Program, 1986-1988

Developed noise awareness program

1989 International Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Newport Beach, California

Organized and Chaired Session on Acoustical Monitoring for Product Quality Improvements and Machinery Diagnosis

Acoustical Society of America Meeting - Baltimore, 1991

Technical paper titled "Development of a Standard to Obtain Manufacturer Noise Level Data"

1991 International Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Sidney, Australia,

Organized Special Session on Noise Control in the Aluminum Industry and presented technical paper titled "Noise Concerns in the Aluminum Industry- an overview "

Acoustical Society of America Meeting, New Orleans, 1992

Technical paper titled "How the Acoustical Society Can Assist Industry in Noise Control" - Participated in a panel discussion on the topic

Penn State University - 1995

Lecture on Engineering Noise Control To the Graduate Program in Acoustics

Acoustical Society of America, Indianapolis, 1996

Seminar Presentation titled "Benefits of Noise Control in the Workplace"

PPG - 1997

Seminar to PPG's Glass Plants

CAOHC Certification Courses - Dr. Roger Angelelli, Pittsburgh - 1996-1997

Noise Control Engineering Presentations at CAOHC Courses

Busch- Martec, Inc - 1997

Noise Control Engineering Presentations at Seminars for their Customers

EBI Companies - Erie, PA - 1998

Seminar to Safety Professionals

Huntsman Chemical - Chesapeake, VA - 1998

Seminar to Engineering Staff

PPG - Evansville, IN - 1998

Seminar to PPG's Glass Plants

73rd Annual Safety, Health and Security Conference and Exhibit - Pittsburgh, PA - May 1998

Talk entitled "Low Cost Noise Control"

CAL-OSHA - September 1998

Noise control seminars to staff

American Industrial Hygiene Association - Cleveland, Ohio - January 1999

Talk to AIHA Members on practical noise control solutions

National Hearing Conservation Association - Atlanta, Ga - February 1999

Paper titled "Noise Control for the Financially Challenged"

NIOSH Best Practices Symposium on Hearing Conservation - Detroit, Michigan - October 1999

Workshop on Noise Control Engineering

American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, Atlanta, Ga - November 1999

Seminar on Noise Control Engineering

Inter-Noise 2002, Dearborn, MI - August 2002

Paper titled "Pittsburgh Noise Ordinance - Development and Enactment"

Noise-Con 2003, Cleveland, OH - July 2003

Chaired Session on Practical Applications of Noise Control


Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering - City College of New York - June 1967


Client List (Partial)

Alcoa - PA, NC, TX, OH, GA, IN

Noise control recommendations for smelting, rolling mills, power plants, mining operations and fabricating facilities.

Allegheny Ludlum - Leechburg, PA

Noise measurements and recommendations for community noise issue.

Dr. Roger Angelelli, Pittsburgh, PA

Presentations on noise control engineering at Dr. Angelelli's Hearing Conservation Workshop.

Applied Material/ Products, Butler, PA

Developed noise measurement protocol for new product testing. Noise control recommendations were provided.

Armco Steel - Warren, Ohio

Noise control recommendations for tube mill.

Baker and Associates, Pittsburgh, PA

Noise Control Recommendations for Office Building

Paul Boas, Esq. - Pittsburgh, PA

Expert witness, determining noise level of automobile associated with a criminal investigation. Noise level data and evaluation were presented at judicial proceeding.

B & C Research Co., Barberton, OH

Noise Control Recommendations for Fabricating Facility.

Bayer Corporation

Noise Control Recommendations for Existing Facility. Noise control consulting and design of new facility

Berks Cardiologists

Acoustical recommendations to improve privacy of medical offices

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Evansville, Ind.

Noise control feasibility study of a tablet packaging plant.

Beth El Congregation, Pittsburgh, PA

Recommendations for correction of highly reverberant condition in social hall.

Bricmont, Inc.

Determination of noise sources creating unacceptable office acoustic/vibration environment.

Busch/Martec , Pittsburgh, PA.

Presented noise control seminar for customers

Calgon Carbon, St. Mary's, PA

Noise measurements and recommendations to resolve community noise concern created by pollution control blower.

Chester Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA

Evaluation and Control Recommendations for Treatment Facility - Worker and Community Noise Concerns.

Philip Cheswick, Esquire

Expert witness for Worker's Compensation Case.

Consol Pennsylvania Coal Co

Consultation on hearing conservation issues.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc - New York

Noise measurements and control recommendations for Post Office Bulk Mail Facility - Springfield, MA.

Dodson Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA.

Recommendations for noise control of roof top air handling units creating excessive community noise. Measurements were taken at the units and in the community.

Dominion Semiconductor, Manassas, Va,

Noise control recommendations for microchip manufacturing facility

EBI Companies, Erie, PA.

Noise Control Seminar for Safety Professionals.

Exxon Corp., Gibsonia, PA

Community noise measurements and control recommendations.

Frohman and Assoc. River Hills, Wisc.

Provided advice and counsel for development of a new noise control product.

Harford Systems - Aberdeen, Md

Noise control recommendations for product noise control.

Huntsman Chemical, Chesapeake, VA,

Noise Control Seminar and Consulting.

Hyperion Telecommunications, Inc

Recommendations to improve office acoustics associated with private office and open office environments

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Recommendations to reduce noise transmission from auditorium to adjoining classrooms.

International Paper - Erie, PA.

Community noise measurements.

Kvaerner John Brown, Greenville, SC.

Recommendations to reduce in-plant noise and community noise for Flexsys, Inc..

James Lederach, Esq. - Scottdale, PA

Expert witness on community noise issue. Presented technical information at Zoning Board Hearing.

The Limited Edition, Inc, Merrick, NY

Recommendations to mitigate excessive reverberated noises in office and telephone marketing areas.

LLI Technologies, Inc.

Noise measurements and recommendations for controlling community noise levels for diesel generator installations for Verizon.

Lockheed Martin, Binghamton, NY

Noise measurements and recommendations for noise control of new equipment for product sale.

Metal Forming and Coining Co., Maumee, OH

Noise Control Recommendations for Metal Stamping Operation.

National City Bank, Bentleyville, PA

Noise control recommendations for reverberation control in branch office.

Ewing Newcomer, Esq., Uniontown, PA

Review of deposition and recommendations associated with hearing loss claim.


Noise control training for compliance officers

PNC BANK, Pittsburgh, PA

Noise measurement and recommendations for cooling tower noise issue.

Noise control recommendations for reverberation control in branch office.

PPG - Corporate, Pittsburgh, PA

Presented Full Day Noise Control Seminar for PPG Glass Plants. Conducted at Crestline, Ohio.


Noise control engineering training. Recommendations for noise control of glass manufacturing facilities.

Piano Academy, Upper St. Clair PA

Recommendations during construction phase of music school to insure privacy between practice rooms and to alleviate noises to other tenants.

Pimalco Extrusion, Phoenix, Arizona

Comprehensive Noise Control Action Plan for Ingot Production and Tube Mill.

Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen's Club

Recommendations for acoustical retrofit of large meeting room to allow appropriate communication and discussions.

City of Pittsburgh

Technical expert for development of Noise Control Ordinance. Trained police officers to take noise level measurements

Poli and Cuteri Architects, Pittsburgh, PA

Evaluation and Recommendations of Acoustics of University of Pittsburgh Classrooms.

RPS, Inc- Memphis TN Hub

Noise control engineering recommendations for package distribution center.

H.H. Reich, Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA

Noise level measurements and recommendations for control of room noise.

Respironics, Inc., Murrysville, PA

Noise level measurements and recommendations to isolate industrial equipment from office environment.

Rothschild Architects, Pittsburgh

Acoustical design of sanctuary - Temple Ohav Shalom

Saint Bartholomew Parish

Recommendations to improve acoustic environment in sanctuary.

Schomer and Associates, Urbana, Ill.

Provided noise control recommendations for grain elevator in rural community.

Super Trapp, Inc - Cleveland, Ohio

Noise control for buffing and grinding area.

SuperValu Markets

Community noise measurements for new location.

Suprex Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA

Noise control analysis and noise control recommendations for new product for the healthcare industry.

Tifton Aluminum, Tifton, GA

Noise control evaluation of aluminum fabrication operation.

University of Pittsburgh

Recommendations for improvement of acoustics of classrooms. Community noise measurements and control recommendations.