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Roth Acoustical Associates
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Residents wish to live in peace and quiet. Too often that peace and quiet is disrupted by noises of industrial facilities, entertainment venues, cars, planes and other sources.

We have been contracted by neighbors and by the owners of the sites potentially creating the noise to take noise measurements in the community and to assist in resolving any issues.

  • NEW FACILITIES - We can take noise measurements in the community prior to the building of a new facility or the addition to an existing facility. That baseline information is important to the neighbors and the organization building the facility.

    We can make calculations to determine expected noise in the community with the site operating. We can assist to design noise control into the facility if noise is expected to be unacceptable.

  • EXISTING FACILITIES - We can take noise measurements to determine noise in the community to see if it meets the community ordinance (if it exists), or if it meets another acceptable criterion.

    We can make recommendations to resolve any issues.

We have been resolving community noise issues since 1971. We have provided studies for proposed new facilities. We have conducted studies/made presentations to Zoning Boards for existing community noise situations.We were the technical expert working with the City of Pittsburgh to develop its Noise Control Ordinance. We then trained their police officers to take noise level measurements. In recent years we have been involved in over 15 community noise related projects.

We look forward to working with you to resolve your community noise issue.

Our experience and credentials allow us to be certified an Expert for hearings, depositions, and court appearances. Click here to see the Professional Profile/CV of Stephen I. Roth, PE, Principal of Roth Acoustical Associates.

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Roth Acoustical Associates
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