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The noise levels created by products are an important factor in their acceptability. Consumers buy low noise, as witnessed by automobile and dishwasher commercials (to name the more obvious ones) touting their low quiet products. Let us help you design low noise into your products.


The European Community requires noise level testing on all products obtaining the CE Marking. The CE marking can only be applied if noise levels are declared. According to the Department of Commerce, the lack of a CE mark will prohibit marketing of new machinery in the European Union member states and in other countries that adopt the EU treaty.

The penalty imposed for improper use of the CE mark is that the product can no longer be marketed and that competitors may ask for withdrawal of the product from the market.

Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC dictates the noise level testing requirements for product acceptability.

Would you like a copy of the Directive or just want to talk to us about product noise issues? Contact us at or call us at 800-908-8935 for some sound advice.

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